translated from Spanish: March, the worst level in the creation of new jobs in 10 years

during the first quarter of the 2019 were 269 thousand 143 new formal jobs, according to data from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), a fall of 27% over the same peri Odo of 2018, representing the lowest level from 2014.
March recorded the worst level in generating jobs in the last 10 years: created 48 thousand 515 jobs Figure 46.4% lower than the total of seats created in the same period in 2018, when reported 90 thousand 509 jobs.
The current Administration has, since his administration began in December at the end of March, 145 thousand 431 new affiliations, slightly less than the same period of the reign of Enrique Peña Nieto December 2012 to March 2013, which added 153 thousand 384 seats added.
Employment over the past year is 561 thousand 511 posts, equivalent to an annual rate of 2.8%, of whom 89.5% is permanent employment and 10.5% eventually.
Up to March 31, 2019, we have reported before the Institute 20 million 348 thousand 508 jobs. The 85.5% are permanent and 14.5% possible.
In recent years, these percentages have remained relatively constant, according to a statement of the IMSS.

#COMUNICADO in March 2019 were created about 50 thousand jobs ➡️ – IMSS (@Tu_IMSS) April 13, 2019 the States with the greatest annual increase in formal employment are Baja California, Queretaro and Campeche.
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