translated from Spanish: Marcos Villasana Jr. conquest lightweight title

was made.                            The Acapulco Marcos Villasana Jr. last night conquered the scepter international light of the world boxing Council to win by decisicion divided the difficult Venezuelan Roiman Villa which was stellar professional box function fight «Mexico vs Venezuela» in the auditorio Benito Juarez of the city sports Aurelio Rodriguez.el duel. Marcos Villasana Jr (24-6-0 with 13 kos), won a bitter duel to a rival that sold face defeat because he showed a strong and accurate boxing by connecting blows of all kinds, but was the guerrerense which ultimately imposed its conditions to sign up a valuable win that catapult it to the first International Boxing sites. Roiman Villa (18-1-0 with 18 kos), connected a cabezaso in the right eyelid of Villasana causing a strong bleeding in the face of the guerrernse that on several occasions the refere Julio César Marshal had to suspend actions to medical review to the me xicano.          In the end, the majority of judges cards marked advantage for Villasana Jr.                      Judge Nabor Moreno described the fight 115-112, just as Armando Nafarrate in favor of Villasana Jr… Abrahám Ibarra saw win 114-113 to Roiman Villa.
in the second fight night star, the Mexico City Bryan Mosinos (16-2-0 with 3 kos), conquered the international fly of the world boxing Council title to win by unanimous decision to the former world campepon guasavense Mario dragoncito Rodriguez.Eduardo «Sugar» Nunez confirmed their quality to win by technical knockout in the third round capital Cecilio Santos and Luis «flechita» Castillo
showed again their class knocking in two Joseph Cruz.Roberto «Llantero» Acosta won by TKO in two Marcos Urquídez and Valentin «Picoco» Leon Jr. won by knockouts in the first round to Moses Adame. Héctor Reyes beat three Irving Fierro and Carlos Márquez in two Jesús Reyes.

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