translated from Spanish: Maria Leon, daring and talented, unleashes passions in networks

the singer and actress María Leon, Sergeant Leon, has shown to have musical talent, but also unleash passions on social networks with its statuesque figure. Through his publications in picture or video shows bold, beautiful and sensual being.


Maria Leon, who is exvocalista’s group Playa Limbo, gave a sample of his attributes and qualities of dancer. Its beauty jumps to the eye, but his great musical talent has led her to occupy places privileged within the industry. María Elizabeth León Herrera is the full name of the artist, who is originally from Jalisco, dancer, actress and Mexican composer. Little, is owner of a sculpted body that is presumed to be.
Be disciplined in the dance and Arts has placed it as one of the best Mexican dancers and has captivated with her voice and presence to thousands of people where it is presented. Maria Leon is daily subjected to heavy exercise routines, some more peculiar to others, all with the intention of looking and feeling good, looking especially spectacular for their fans.
Instagram recently published an image where you can see how your body is cared and worked every day. It looks half-naked, wearing only a mini top White with salmon-colored stripes at the bottom only wears tiny shorts that allows their legs also worked.


The pole dance is their specialty and frequently publishes in Instagram videos that can be seen practicing it.
If it makes you happy… It is more than enough. «Wednesday’s…» Said María Leon in the publication.


Maria Leon invests in your physical hours of exercise and the results are.

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