translated from Spanish: Prosecutor Moya accuses the judges accused of corruption of seeking to obstruct the investigation

The Prosecutor of high complexity of the Regional Public Prosecutor of O’Higgins, Sergio Moya, said that two of the judges of the Court of appeals of Rancagua investigated for corruption have made «maneuvers to disrupt the inves tigation».
The Marauder told La Tercera that Minister Marcelo Vásquez, one of those investigated – two days prior to a voluntary citation – reached offices of court to «withdraw in a bag, a multiplicity of species such as pen drives and other items of relevance criminal»and»to scan the registry of your office it was found that drawers that had been desarrajados to steal information had,»he added.
On the other involved, the Minister Emilio Elgueta, Moya explained that this «delayed delivery of banking information, every time that he himself acknowledged in an interview that he had knowledge that it was being investigated in its accounts from the month of» November».
In addition, consulted by the possible implications and problems that could lead to the possible link in the case of Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, Moya said the conduct displayed by his party «did not have any investigative legal relevance» «he must respond before the Senate Committee of ethics, against public opinion in some efforts made by. So far we don’t have any conduct legal relevant criminal, but if we determine there is it, no doubt it will be investigated,»he concluded.
It is worth mentioning that the research focused on three Ministers of the regional court of appeals acting is being processed in Rancagua. The two mentioned by Moya joins Marcelo Albornoz, who «by now, does not appear as a suspect, that does not preclude that if in the future we have a history, yes it is», Moya concluded.

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