translated from Spanish: Refuse to be mixed: parents ask for repetition of the vote at the National Institute

after a historical vote involving students, teachers, staff and parents it was decided that the National Institute would not accept women in its ranks, rejecting the proposal with 54% in a process that works differently the various votes participants.
However, there was a shift in the history, and it became known that the Interestamental election qualifier Tribunal determined that the option of making the colegio was the winner after having detected a series of irregularities in the voting of the attorneys, as the loss of standards and that the majority of parents with more than one child in the settlement voted more than once.
Finally, it was decreed that the establishment will allow the entry of women, something that did not fall anything good in part of the parents, that have announced that they will try to reverse the decision of the Tricel through an application for judicial protection.
According to the President of one of the three centers of guardians of the College, Judy Valdés, some parents ask for repetition of the vote to decide if the settlement becomes mixed.
«Many are asking – at least our parent center – make a request and collect signatures where you could order perform again with more votes», said in a conversation with La Tercera.
Parents accuse that they were about to vote in the course of your child room, Professor served as a Minister of faith and not warned them that they could not vote more than once.
The representative added that next Tuesday will meet with parents to evaluate possible legal actions, but stresses that another part of the estate believes that it is common sense not to vote more than once.

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