translated from Spanish: The new demand that apparently the actor Pablo Lyle faces

Pablo Lyle supposedly face a civil lawsuit by the aggression against Juan Ricardo Hernández of 63-year-old, who died four days after being hit by the actor. Although it was already sued by the criminal courts, the Cuban family will seek the sinaloan to repair damages. It was on the today programme where it was announced that the family of Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, contacted an attorney experienced in civil suits, so it is would add to the criminal process which now faces Pablo Lyle in Miami, Florida.

By filing this new demand by civil means, the widow and her children would seek economic reparation for the damages that resulted in the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández, who remained in intensive care until his death. The defense of Mazatlán, Sinaloa from actor said since the start the case that his client was “destitute”, i.e. which did not have financial solvency to pay a claim of this kind, according to what is said in the program today.

According to the defense, Pablo Lyle won only 15 thousand dollars (300 thousand dollars approximately) on his latest film project. It will be may 1 when a judge set the legal situation of the actor and decide, the charges you face.

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