translated from Spanish: The Star Wars movies will rest after episode IX

the Star Wars Celebration is the Mecca of the fan, which always presents the strongest releases of the franchise. This year takes place in Chicago and today brought us awaited updates on episode IX, which against all odds shall be called «The Rise of Skywalker.» But fans should get ready to enjoy the moment as if it were your last, because no one knows how long will it be until another movie of the franchise makes its debut. The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger confirmed in an interview to Star Wars: episode IX is the last installment of the series in the near future.

King (Daisy Ridley) prepares for the final battle in the teaser of «Star Wars: episode IX» despite the amount of news and releases announced for the platform’s streaming Disney + starting from November, the story of Jedi vs. Sith is going to take a break from the big screen. This does not mean that there will be no more Star Wars movies, but yes to the future of the franchise at the moment will be concentrated in all the series and video games that have already announced.
«The Skywalker saga comes to a close with this ninth film. «There will be other films of Star Wars, but for the moment we will do a pause.» 

Bob Iger does not want to repeat the failure of the ignored prequel to have only this wise decision responds to a saturation of the market and the failure in critical and box office of the latest adventure stand – alone of the franchise, «Han Solo». Had already abandoned the idea of another film of Obi-Wan Kenobi and confirmed two series live-action in the streaming service. The first will be «The Mandalorian», carried out by Jon Favreau («Iron Man») which opens on November 12, and in addition prequel to a movie that had more luck at the box office: Rogue One. Diego Luna returns in his role of Cassian Andor for this new adventure.

Director Rian Johnson along with the Skywalker siblings, on a break in the filming of «Episode VIII» despite at the time also had announced a new trilogy of films held by director Rian Johnson (responsible of «Star Wars – Episode VIII: the last») («you Jedi») there were no confirmations of any kind on the continuity of the project. About this possible new saga, Lucasfilm stated that Johnson would pursue new characters unrelated to the Skywalker, in a corner of the Galaxy that Star Wars canon had never explored. But what if we can expect is that history remains by the side of another new series of films that is going around from long ago in formal schemes of the company: production of the very creators of «Game of Thrones», David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Lucasfilm officials seem to have deposited all their hopes on the creative talent of these two writers to continue developing the mythology of Star Wars beyond the classic saga that George Lucas began.

Disney is confident that the end of the trilogy have the expected impact the story arc that started back in 1977 would close at the end of this year with «Star Wars – Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker», starring a whole new generation of characters played by Da ISY Ridley, Oscar Isaacs, Adam Driver, John Boyega and Mary Kelly Tran. In this installment, redirects J.J. Abrams, who was in charge of bringing the franchise back to life with «Star Wars – Episode VII: the awakening of the force». It remains to be seen where to go these characters after the end of this film that completes the story of nine deliveries. In Argentina it premiered on December 19, one day before its worldwide release. In this note:

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