translated from Spanish: The teacher investigated in Santa Fe denounced extortion weeks before

a teacher in a school in the city of Santa Fe was investigated because a 14-year-old student was in possession of a hot video where she appeared to masturbating. What we sought to clarify was how it had viralizado that video and the kind of relationship that kept his underage student. A week before it exploded this topic at school, the teacher of geography had denounced to the police’s research was being extorsionada by his students. «Contacted it a how much Facebook and told him to respond.» She did not and began to threaten it with the dissemination of an intimate material with her as the protagonist,»said their lawyer Bruno Palamedi Infobae.

The lawyer was also that the teacher had found pictures of his students on his cell phone, by what they assume that at some point she left your cell phone without supervision and had his video that was later released.

Palamedi viralizado video capture highlighted that the family of the child did not make any criminal complaint. «It is very bad, distraught. It has a girl daughter and leaves the House. I worked in two public schools, where he was suspended by the administrative proceedings that opened»told the lawyer and added:»We will fight so it court-martial of the criminal case and it can solve its employment situation and return to work».

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