translated from Spanish: The work «after the end»: the power never says where is

is the year 2068 and after a spate of go Press of ultra right, Arthur and Beatrix are the leaders of a new revolution faced their views on democracy and representation, in a plenary Hall of an old building public, full of antique furniture wrapped in plastic dusty.
In then end the couple of ringleaders of the future Popular sovereignty movement talk, talk, like, dance, celebrate, recall and are confronted in a room of the legendary Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in 49 years, property witness of a popular left-wing Government, a fascist dictatorship of the Empire by decades of a duopoly solved in the concentration of capital.

She is frightening slowly, as seen in fellow very pedestrian ideas about representation. Arthur, in turn, will desencantando the Socratic reflection of her friend, full of social questions about the real emotional and rational basis of political aspirations.
The actors Juana Viale (Beatrix) and Juan Pablo Miranda (Arthur and playwright of the part) from the hand of the director Cristián Flores, take us into this Convention Hall to make in their States they circulate again the same anxieties and doubts, as the new movement wants leaders reject.
The sound effects of the work, surround us with a myriad of voices of recognizable leaders of the Chilean past. Arturo evidence from the start extricating migraines, she does not give truce in the controversy, just now that they’ve conquered the knob toward a new political experiment.
The work speaks of a future political movement, whose choice will be choosing between the individual and the ajado concept of «mass».
Where is the power? It is not in the Government Palace, or in the Parliament in the Palace of the courts. It is not physically at a given site, or under identifiable rosettes. Never tell us where it is. Browse among us, such as Wi Fi or trade relations.  
Even so, are symbols of this. The building of the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral is one very strong, as it has the ability to wear the clothes of the history. GAM will show the trend of the season, with their costumes because it was intended for people and these are never the same.  
Originally he spoke of a world that was going to socialism. Only 245 days it was raised by more than three thousand workers, many volunteers, to host, in the heart of Salvador Allende Popular unity, the third United Nations Conference on trade and development in the third world, UNCTAD III. In those days of April 1972 was called Metropolitan Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center.
After the coup d’etat of 73 was coincidence that its cutting-edge facilities were occupied by the bloody Counter-Reformation, is not re christened the building Diego Portales, to impose the new refoundational architecture of the dictatorship, since there prevailing until today.  
Between 1990 and the year 2010 the building noted the ambiguity of these times, where citizens were replaced by consumers. From the bicentennial, the years of neoliberalism became a «successful» cultural project: must be self-financing in a 40% via private sector right Ultra, which do not interest the projects proposed by artists applicants, to the country in its rooms.  
Five decades later capital prevails over the work and building of the GAM is refuge for the few who have not ceased to be citizens: the artists. They continue fulfilling their mission, while thousands of teenagers of today prefer bands K-Pop and they rehearse their choreographies from the windows dreaming to be viral, or several adults choose by Jedis Star Wars dress up in their yards, to escape debts.
Still, from inside GAM artists don’t give up and are still members of a polis.
According to the work, our days of consumers could be the basis of a future revolution in the year 2068. Vale wonder if democracy is in crisis, when in fact the matter is simpler: the traditional parties have decided decades ago co rule with the powerful.  The only thing clear: the populism of the right van for more, want less and less control to their influence on the public, then so everything will become increasingly more private.
Individualism, society of entertainment and hedonism, purchased political parties, sex culture and the selfies, fear of migrants, spas for dogs and cats, the advocacy of hatred and violence, fame above the prestige, the indifference, the monopolies, climate change or the «voztros» of the radio, will be, perhaps, the chemical compounds of the next revolution. One commanded by a generation not even born and that from scratch will face, in serious depolitization, the same questions asked by the rebels since the first cities.
then end allows the exercise of questions above the certainties, in a moment of history where we already live the consequences of not having put the muzzle in time to this Rottweiler. Something that should have been task of matches when he was a puppy, five decades ago, today is already late.
after the
in Center Gam, building B, floor 2, room N1 up to 20 April. Wednesday to Saturday 21:00 hours.
Older than 12 years price: $6,000 Gral. $ 3,000 Est. and 3ed.

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