translated from Spanish: Three of every four people are willing to share the ownership of the car

urban mobility is changing constantly and points to a change of era, while car brands continue to develop different solutions.  Carsharing or shared car service is a sign of this transformation. But not to all the world likes to share the vehicle with other individuals, however, there are people who see this option viable since saving enough money in maintenance cost by dividing the expenses. So much so that 75.4% of people would be willing to share the ownership of the car with someone, in keeping with the trend towards payment for the use and sharing of products and services, as detailed a report of Volkswagen metering than they opted for this option are mostly young people. 82.3% of the respondents aged between 18 and 24 years would be willing to consider the option of paying half a car with other people. As the age goes up the percentage low, 64.7 per cent of those polled aged 35-44 shows in favor of ownership, while 57.8% split expenses with one person. On the other hand, 81.4% believes that the best candidates to share the ownership of a car would be a family member, compared to 35.6% who prefers to friends, while the coworkers, with 17.6%, they would be the third option. Since Volkswagen Spain explained that in response to this interest by sharing ownership launched a formula called Our Renting, which allows the user to share a pole with another person for a year by five euros a day. In this note:

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