translated from Spanish: Women empowerment: women lead candidate to preside over the new date

this week began the campaign to define new members of the Federation of students of the University of Chile (Fech).
One of the aspects that call the attention of this election, is that the five registered lists, four are led by female applicants. Moreover, of the total of 25 students who want to form the Federation, 16 are women.
It should be noted that this year, the winning Federation will serve only for 7 months to hold new elections in November. In this way, will reset the process of vote on the original date, given that last year was postponed for five months.
Lists that disputed the date 2019 political coalition of the broad front, which currently holds the Presidency of the Federation, is running along with independents as the list C. «give: to transform the date» is headed by the first candidate of Democratic Revolution, Nicole Martínez, student of master in public policy and management.
The Communist Youth, in partnership with the Socialist Youth and independent, also compete for presiding over the date. Representing the list E, members of «Victoria: feminist and left» have as a leader to the law student, Millaray Huaquimilla.
For its part, the centre right University (CDU) along with independents, they compete with the D: «Change Chile» list. The leading candidate is the student of law Juan Carlos Bustos, who currently occupies the Executive Secretariat of the date.
The list to call «new date: by a Federation at the service of students and people», belongs to the Group of trend Marxist are going building and is headed by the student of Arts, Alicia Ulloa.
Formed by the collective bread and roses, list B with nuances of Socialist feminism is presented under the slogan «to overcome: turn the force of women, workers and students». The main candidate is Alejandra Decap, student of Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Hispanic literature.

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