translated from Spanish: A tiger attacking a caregiver from a U.S. Zoo

Washington-a caretaker was injured today by the attack of a tiger at the Zoo in Topeka, in the State of Kansas, in the United States, officials said. The Topeka City Council reported the event Twitter account: «there has been an incident with our male Tiger and a caretaker at the zoo in Topeka this morning. The caretaker was injured and transported to hospital aware and awake.» The municipality said that the Tigers will not walk free and that the place is still open. The director of the Zoo, Brendan Wiley, said in a press conference, picked up by local media, that the caretaker and the Tiger, called Sanjiv, and 7 years were in the habitat of the animal before the park opened, when the feline «basically It toppled»women.
As a result of the attack, the caregiver has suffered «cuts and holes in the back of the head, neck, back and arm» and was transferred to a hospital in the area for treatment, said Wiley.La woman was the main caretaker of the Tiger and has worked for years at the zoo, although «there are no circumstances which should have been in the same space, must have an error», said the head of the Park. Wiley added that the caretaker was in the area reserved for the Tiger to carry out the cleaning and maintenance of the place, as I usually do on a daily basis, but the animal should not have been in that space at the same time.

The director of the zoo stressed that at the moment they don’t think sacrifice Tiger, native to Sumatra (Indonesia), since they are a kind of «seriously outstanding» and «endangered». Even so, Sanjiv Tiger has recently been father of four puppies.
Although this incident was very unfortunate – followed Wiley-, (Tiger) did what what makes a wild tiger, a wild animal,

Wiley praised the speed with which the zoo staff reacted, since it got that the situation was under control in ten minutes.

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