translated from Spanish: Allamand low pressure front possible ministerial adjustment: «I see no reason for a change of Cabinet»

As a result of the controversy over the change of the electric meters COS, Minister of energy, Susana Jiménez, is not in its best position in La Moneda. On Tuesday, Senator RN Manuel José Ossandón said that if it were up to him, he would draw her cargo. His voice joined the UDI deputies, Celso Morales and Juan Manuel Fuenzalida, who noted that it would be best that the vacancy in the portfolio is cleared to get a new person.
Addition, down from the Government in the polls and the pull of ears that Pinera gave his ministers to ask them not to make mistakes in the middle of the second Cabinet of the year. Tension that was released by an acquaintance of the ruling, the Andrés Senator Allamand, who in an interview with La Tercera said that you don’t see no reason to promote a change of Cabinet. «Personally, do not share the criticisms that are formulated to the political team», said.
The legislator, who also announced that it will not go up for re-election, said that the current administration «they operate in tuned with a kind of leadership. I do not see, nor, at the level of ministries, there are reasons to go promoting changes here and there. I see solid to the Cabinet,»he said.
Allamand also referred to the role of President Piñera, which has generated criticism of the role of spokeswoman Cecilia Pérez. 
«When he is criticized Pinera for his willingness to be on top of the issues of the country, it is a criticism groundless. That is part of their way of being. Everyone knows what is the style of leadership of Pinera. People know him, has voted twice for him. Nobody intends to Piñera can change,»he said.
Asked if it is a mistake to overshadow his political team, the RN reiterated that the political Committee works very afiatadamente, both with the President and among them. «Put another way, the political team plays memory.»

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