translated from Spanish: Benito Cerati after controversial sayings of Camila Moreno: «you bench, but you don’t waste.»

Anyone left indifferent the interview carried out by The Clinic to singer Camila Moreno, who stood out among other things, in addition to its great creative moment, their apprehensions about the national policy discussing, for example, the people who voted by current President Piñera that «I always think of how chucha voted for this hueon, who were the idiots?» They have been horrific times».Read also: Camila Moreno: «embarrassed to Me say that I live in Chile and that there is a President who is called Pinera» Moreno also said that «to me it gives me shame say I live in Chile and there is a President who is called Piñera, gives me great shame. And what concerns me most is that both facho that came out of the closet these past three years. The people voting for Kast, this idea that homosexuals are going to hell or the pro-life people. And it is expanding. It is as the fascists are now released, do not know, it is very rare». These statements were transformed into one of the most discussed issues in Chile on social networks this Friday, and one of the people who reacted to them was none other than Benito Cerati, son of Gustavo Cerati and the Chilean Cecilia Amenábar.El also vocalist of the band Zero Kill said in his Twitter account «Camila Moreno, you bench, but you don’t spend. The Chilean canned goes for everything». Benito Cerati had already mentioned on more than one occasion his criticisms of the Chilean right, is much more conservative than argentina, noting for example that «the Chilean fascist far right makes the far-right Argentine square Sesame».

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