translated from Spanish: Bullrich against unemployment of Moyano: «Believe that the Argentina is theirs»

10 days of a new strike by truckers and Union sectors that respond to Moyano family, Patricia Bullrich pointed to what will happen on Tuesday, April 30 and responded harshly to the extent sanctioned by Union members, ensuring that not the country care.» «Stoppages are really mechanisms that do not serve to help the country, that go against the people, against the worker and all they do is generate more crises: crisis deepens him more crisis», said the official during an interview on Radio Mitre.

Patricia Bullrich, hard against the Moyano: «It seems working for another country and not for the Argentina». Photo: NA

Pointing against Hugo and Pablo Moyano, Bullrich stated that both are «typical Lords who believe that the Argentina is theirs». «Seems to working for another country and not for Argentina, which works for the Argentina does not want to stop the country», commented the Minister of security, not warned to what will be the operational for the day of the event. On the other hand, he asserted that this decision has a destabilizing nature of Government Mauricio Macri in the face to the last months of his presidency which, for the moment, has confirmed his candidacy for the month of October. «If we get you the privileges to all those who have had privileges, what do they want? That we go from power. That is evident. «It is a fight between a Argentina to continue on the road of decadence, mafias and particular interests or who enters a way of production, of freedom», said. In this note:

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