translated from Spanish: Cristina Kirchner was authorized and travels to Cuba to visit her daughter Florence

In the Centre of the definition of his career in upcoming elections and with a judicial endorsement, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner received a permission to leave the country for 10 days and visit their youngest daughter, Florence, interned in Cuba several weeks ago with a State of reserved health. According to detailed, the Deputy for citizen unit will leave Argentina on Saturday and is set to return next Tuesday April 30, where it is speculated that his possible candidacy will be resolved to the nation President for October. This output of Cristina Kirchner is part of as requested by his lawyer Carlos Berladi, while asked Justice to investigate if the treatment to which it is subjected Florencia Kirchner deserves that the platense leader can stay in Cuba until it recovers in its entirety.

Cristina Kirchner requested to be able to accompany her daughter Florence during all his treatment in Cuba. Photo: NA

In addition to inform you as to judge Claudio Bonadio, by the «cause of books», the former President also notified and asked permission to the Tribunal Oral Federal 5, following the cause «Willows»; TOF 2, where has date of trial for fraud in public works for May 21; and TOF 8, carried out the «Hotesur» file. On June 22 will be the closure of the list of presidential candidates of all parties and when Cristina returns to the country, will have about 50 days to resolve if he will run for a third term and if it will be part of an internal in which appear the names of Daniel Scioli, Sergio Massa and Roberto Lavagna.En this note:

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