translated from Spanish: First Pentecostal Methodist Church dismissed Bishop Durán

The Board of officers of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church reported that a process for the removal as Bishop of Eduardo Durán Castro of the office of the Bishop opened. The decision was communicated after a rugged «Bible study» to the inside of the Evangelic Cathedral in the commune of Central station, which counted with the presence of the disputed religious leader. After 17:00 hours, Eduardo Durán read a statement which said that there were not men who put him in charge of the Congregation, but that «God Almighty» and added that, because of that, it will not surrender to the position of ruler of the Evangelical Cathedral pastor Chile and its circuits. At the end of the activity, and without prior notice, the Board of officers met at the request of various sectors of the Congregation and, in addition to hearing the arguments of Raquel Salinas, legal spouse of Duran, determined to dismiss him from the post. In this way, the Board of Directors is in charge of the Administration and Government of the Church while develops the dismissal process. Also announced a change in the distribution of resources, so this work already not will be held by a single person, but a management team. This week, the controversy has on Eduardo Durán to star in a series of acts qualified by many faithful as «scandals» that ended up provoking a profound break in the interior of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church. A bulging account current of more than 130 million pesos from tithes, the separation from your spouse and the surprise announcement of marriage remarried with a new partner, ended up unleashing one of the worst crises to the interior of the institution religious. In this way various sectors of the Congregation began to demand – even out – his departure from office, called to him who joined parliamentarians, who argued that it ruined the religion and that hundreds of faithful were overwhelmed by the sinvergenzura of the Bishop. Finally, in the early morning hours the son of religious authority, the Deputy RN Eduardo Durán Salinas, resigned from the Board of officers of the Protestant cathedral of Santiago, thus removing one of the main backers for the continuity in the office. At about 17:00 hours this Saturday more than 200 faithful came to the front of the Cathedral Evangelical in the commune of Central station, where a demonstration was scheduled in order to demand the departure of the questioned Bishop Eduardo Durán. The place had the guarded by a contingent of police and public safety. Pressure measurement was carried out at the same time that would be directed by the own Bishop Bible study session. Reportedly, past the 17.20 Durán became the Cathedral accompanied by lot of people and made entry to the venue. However, shortly before his arrival, the religious authority read a statement which ruled out his resignation, stating that he would remain at the head of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church. However, despite the fact that it was expected that questioned Bishop offered a point of press to refer to the subject, Durán went Cathedral in a vehicle with tinted windows, avoiding media waiting and in the midst of the cries of those who They demanded his departure. Finally shortly before 19:00 hours this Saturday, was announced that the Board of officers of the Church proceeded with the dismissal of Eduardo Durán of the office of the Bishop.

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