translated from Spanish: Government dismisses workers of the Paisano in EU programme

The federal Government dismissed on the grounds of «lack of confidence» to the workers of the three representations of the Paisano in United States program, located at the consulates of Mexico in Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California and Houston, Texas.
This program, existing since 1989, is responsible for guiding the Mexicans in the United States with information about the entry, transit and departure from the country.
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According to Enrique Lucero, former Deputy of the program in Chicago, the EESC took place since the 28 March, when federal officials attended the three representations to announce the dismissal, without any notice.
«I don’t know if the closure of this office (in Chicago) will be final. They informed us that we were displaced and that they had to close the offices, we leave on the same day the place and not pudimo already entering that office», said the ex.
Lucero explained that at any time a communication officer or even a caution after the dismissal, because he said that the plane ticket had to pay it out of pocket, despite the fact that it is a provision of law.
«So we were with the change of Government, without any communication, except with administrative areas, but not with operational areas of the program», accused.
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The ex explained that the Paisano in Chicago program office came to work with just five people, who flocked to community fairs or visited mobile consulates when it was holiday season, times in which disseminate more information to Mexican migrants.

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-Consulmex (@ConsulMexCho) Chicago April 17, 2019

According to Lucero, such office took care of about 11 million Mexicans living in the United States, along the State’s East Coast and Midwest, as well as seven provinces of Canada.
«Nor the Consulate could enter because put us a sign saying ‘ these people can not enter without an appointment at the Consulate», also caused us a moral damage. I presented a complaint even in the Foreign Ministry because they used my photo, my personal data», said the former Deputy of the office in Chicago.
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Last February, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the closure of offices of federal agencies abroad and carrying out the activity of representation in other countries the embassies and consulates.
The National Institute of migration (INM) said the program information will remain active, but without giving details will be without the operation of the Paisano program offices.
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