translated from Spanish: Grandson of ‘Don Ramón’ reveals unpublished photograph of his grandfather

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City of Mexico.-«Don Ramón» always will be remembered for his funny phrases and worn clothing made up his jeans, his black t-shirt and his blue Cap; This look does not differ much from clothing that was usually seen Ramón Valdés, an actor who gave life to the iconic member of the Mexican show «The Guy of 8», by seeing him carrying a white sack prompting uproar in social networks.
Miguel Valdés, grandson of the actor that was enshrined in Mexican television by Roberto Gómez Bolaños «Chespirito», has been hypothesized several unpublished photographs of his grandfather in his Twitter account, where it has been well received by fans of the character than ever He had to pay the rent.

The most recent snapshot was published just a few days and it looks «Don Ramón» smiling, but with a garment that surprised everyone because it was rare to see it as formal outfits.
Miguel Valdés explained that the image was captured during the wedding of his parents and is this the reason for the elegance of his grandfather, who signed the Act of the matrimonial bond.
The young man, who works as a photographer in Cuernavaca, Morelos, said Ramon Valdés loved his father.
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