translated from Spanish: “I’m not perfect”: video of daughter Karina and the Polish by criticisms in networks

Sun Cwirkaluk is the daughter of two references in the Argentine cumbia: El Polaco and Karina La Princesita. The 11-year-old girl appears in the videos of his mother Instagram singing and note that it inherited the best of both. But social networks are a reflection of society. They are supporters of the young talent, and those who, from the anonymity, criticized adversely the physical appearance of the daughter of singers. Her mother receives daily aggressive messages about their weight, but already was commissioned to answer them. But attackers were now against a girl of 11 years and the response she closed her mouth many and it serves as a message to all us to love as we are.
“I’m not perfect and if you don’t like then BYE BYE”, wrote Sun along with a video showing his nose, his belly and his legs, what she considers that it is not “perfect” according to the standards of our society. Her parents showed the pride that feel for your daughter that you answered them very mature and admirable way to the “haters”. “You made me cry! You’re so special my beautiful Queen. Beautiful message of self-love and acceptance”, wrote Karina. An hour later, said the Polish: “I love you with all my soul”.

Original source in Spanish

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