translated from Spanish: Innovative work based on cochayuyo makes a splash at Parque Araucano

Does not hide the architect and University Professor Domingo Tagle Arancibia, 33-year-old unexpectedly discovered alg or that led him to lead an innovative project called «The light of the Cochayuyo», that from Friday, April 12 and until Friday May 31 can be enjoyed free of charge at Parque Araucano, in the commune of Las Condes.
«In search of new materials we discovered the ability to cochayuyo reflect light as a result of what is called light dispersion. This implies that seeing him backlit, lit. Light waves bounce off upon entering the cochayuyo. Even during the day the pieces move looking for light. And at night with illumination led we deliver you a beautiful effect is produced. The project is constituted through a suspended volume formed by kelps, which were stretched vertically by water weights, housed within a North-South system. If it rains the work it will not be affected. The lighting effect will change and it will change depending on the Sun,»says Professor of the Faculty of architecture and Urbanism (FAU) of the University of Chile, who along with a group of students and collaborators worked for three months to raise a structure that resembles a gigantic, locked into an installation lamp circular metal and composed of 18 thousand pieces hanging seaweed that attract by its grandeur and at night on the day dazzle by its brightness.

This floating mass of three meters thick composed of thousands of pieces of cochayuyo – provided from the South of the country by the Seaweed company Place – is a project that lands in the country after being presented last year at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) of New York
Sample is defined as «a Flash of oceanic forests in the historic Valley, displaying this unknown condition», he was winner of the program Young Architecture Program (YAP), instance developed in Chile by construct in association with MoMa.
«I find it very positive that there is an initiative that promotes the work of young architects in our country. The YAP program is a good instance to test and build certain inquiries or concerns of a new generation of professionals in the field», adds the creator of structure, architect degree from the University of Chile in 2013, evaluated with maximum note in your project’s title and promoted with highest distinction.
He is Director of the study of Normal architecture, and since his departure made the decision to work in projects related to rural productive activities. That is why he has made works and territorial plans in Chimbarongo, Pelequén, Pomaire, Christmas and Marchigüe, among other national locations.
He has been awarded several times, his works have been published in China, Norway, United States and Japan, and he has exhibited in several countries.

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