translated from Spanish: Instragram would remove the hearts of its platform

City of Mexico.-the platform for sharing images of Instagram could experience a significant change on the way in which users interact with each other, eliminating the count that allows to know the number of ‘I like’ that have been reacting to a publication.
This was discovered by the Jane Manchun Wong software engineer, expert in discovering new options which prove some platform in the code of your applications, but which are not yet available in the version full or they will never get it.
The ‘likes’ work as incentives for users who share content on social networks, but sometimes encouraged the publication of contents little authentic, sensitive or dangerous in favour of improving the number of reactions that get.
Limited counter display ‘like Me’
Wong says that Instagram plans that his followers will focus more on images that share that in the amount of reactions that receive its publications, which probably would elevate the quality of the images that are shared.
The display of the timer to ‘like’ will be limited only to the person who shared the image, as part of the figures to measure the interactions and the way you manage your profile.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Instagram said that at this time they are not «proving» such implementation, but to «explore ways to reduce the pressure on Instagram» is something that always take into account the development of new features.
The news of the removal of the counter comes after you give to know that the Office of the information Commissioner in United Kingdom recommended to several social platforms that they offered an option to disable functions like ‘I like it’.
Source: SDP news

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