translated from Spanish: Moreira on Duran and Evangelical ilgesia situation: “Today is one of its worst crises”

The series of scandals that have hit a sector of the Evangelical Church in Chile, particularly to the Bishop Durán and its surroundings, from accusations of misuse of the tithes for personal enrichment, as well as relations extra-familiar It is and disputes that exceed the morals of the Church itself, not have left no one indifferent. In that line the renowned Evangelical parliamentary Iván Moreira stated on his Twitter that account “sorry!” I am part of the Cathedral Church, Pentecostal Methodist. Today passes one of its worst crises, and I have faith in God that everything will be resolved soon in peace, invoking the Gospel that we proclaim. The Pastor of the Church, must always be example to follow”. This statement caused her to sharing news of Biobío in which reported the call of different Evangelical churches to protest today at the Cathedral against Bishop Durán to press for his resignation. The demonstration was called for today at 17 hrs. All added to the key fact of the day which was the estrangement of his son, the Deputy RN Eduardo Durán Salinas, who resigned from the Board of officers of the first Pentecostal Methodist Church, minus his father a fundamental support to continue in office. Alongside the parliamentary around 70 churches already have removed their support Bishop, keeping only the support of 5 congregations today. According to internal bureaucracy, if Duran not cede his post voluntarily, the Board of officers required a majority of 2/3 only to ask for the resignation or start a process of dismissal of the Bishop.

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