translated from Spanish: Nicolás de el Caño – Romina Del Pla, the presidential formula on the left

With more than 300 delegates from 18 provinces, is held the Congress of the PTS in the city of Buenos Aires where the presidential pair in a unanimous way that will compete, first was resolved in the step and then the presidential elections of October and will be integrated by Nicolas of the Cano, of the left front, and Pla Romina, of the Partido Obrero.
With regard to the decision taken, the future candidate took the floor and leave a message to the ruling party and also to PJ. «We defeat the IMF, Macri and Governors. Kirchnerism, allied Trade Union bureaucracy, the Church and the PJ Governors, cannot be alternative. That crisis big businessmen, bankers and landowners to pay it». Among other great references from the party of the Socialist Workers (PTS), Myriam Bregman and Christian Castillo were present. On the one hand, the Deputy assured that «in the Argentina real power has it the IMF, and under his rule will inevitably deepen the misery of millions».
Castle, following the same line that his colleagues argued that «hand of the IMF, the Government of Macri is taking Argentina to the disaster with the complicity of Peronist senators and Governors». On the other hand, and off the agenda of the October elections, resolved that the party will be an act unemployed, convened for April 30 by the Trade Union front of Hugo and Pablo Moyano, on the eve of the commemoration of the international day of workers.

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