translated from Spanish: Thousand Cuban migrants arrive in Juarez to seek asylum in the U.S.

Thousand Cuban migrants arrived in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, on the border with the United States, while other thousands move forward in caravan, together by persons of Central American origin to Chiapas to reach us territory, authorities reported.
Most of these Cubans seek to seek asylum in the United States and have become family to Ciudad Juarez, where to spend the night outdoors not to lose its place in the rank of registry for the application for asylum.
Dumps trailer with migrants in Veracruz; There are 19 wounded
While in Chiapas, in the temporary shelter of Ciudad Hidalgo, the National Institute of migration (INM) said that they attend 1, 100 people, and is providing them medical attention, water and diapers, as well as 3 300 daily food rations.
He also informed that on 19 April began records and temporary employment programs with the Federal delegation of Social Welfare of the State of Chiapas initiative.
On 18 April, 400 Cubans joined one of these caravans in the municipality of Tuzantán, once immigration agents and federal police prevented them follow his trip heading north on board bus.
Hondurans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans and Guatemalans of the caravan were greeted with applause and slogans to Cubans.
CDMX Government will support of 6 thousand pesos to migrants in Holy week
Hundreds of thousands of migrants, mainly Central Americans, enter Mexico each year by the southern border and cross throughout the territory to reach its destination in the United States, despite the threat of criminal groups who kidnap them or extort money.
Since October of last year, migrants have been organized in large caravans which US President Donald Trump described as “invasion” and “threat” to national security.
Passing through Mexico, they have been transported free of charge by truck load or in private vehicles.
The INM warned, however, that it will now apply penalties to those who transport migrants.

In migrant hostels which are: #Suchiate, #Tapachula and #Mapastepec in the State of #Chipas provides medical care and health services.
-INM (@INAMI_mx) April 19, 2019

Immigration authorities also noted that in the shelter for migrants, installed in the Mesoamerican fair, are 1, 527 people waiting to be returned to their country.
2,800 Mexicans died trying to cross the border with the us, in the last 10 years
The Mexican Government reported that it will begin to distribute among migrants in Chiapas “regional visitor cards” which restrict their mobility to States in the South of the country, which would prevent the objective of many of them to the United States.
With information from AFP
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