translated from Spanish: AMLO PRD requires punishment to responsible for massacre in Minatitlan

City of Mexico.-National PRD President Andrés Manuel López Obrador demanded punishment for those responsible for the massacres of 14 people in the municipality of Minatitlán, Veracruz, after he criticised that current management have increased levels of violence in the country. «In these first months of the management of Andrés López Manuel Obrador, rates of violence increased in comparison with the of Enrique Peña Nieto, who recorded 4 thousand 633 intentional killings, 48 percent less than the tasks at the beginning of the current administration, which» It is 7 thousand 299 «, he stressed the national address extraordinary PRD. 
In that sense, appealed to the federal Government and the Veracruz to punish with all the rigor of the law those responsible for the massacre that occurred on Thursday at a private party in Minatitlan, that killed 13 adults and a baby.
We join our voice to demand justice and the Veracruz society to have a climate of peace and security for their everyday living

According to the PRD, these violent acts not only ruin the society «that increasingly is the victim of organized crime, but it demonstrates that the policy and actions of institutions responsible for security, are failing in this Administration morenoite, both State and federal».

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