translated from Spanish: First yacht icebreaker in the world which sailed for Antarctica

Russia-Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov has ordered the first yacht in the world able to break the ice and navigate in Antarctica. The cost of the ship exceeds the $ 112 million. Tinkov plans to show SeaExplorer, at a show in Monaco, the main show of the world market for yachts. Thereafter, the ship will sail, a journey which all can unite to rent a yacht. The approximate route will go through the Mediterranean Sea to Seychelles and Madagascar, and then to Malaysia, to swim in April-June off the coast of Kamchatka and the Kuril. Still not there is a route from the North Sea in this regard: the commercial demand for this address is not clear. But in January of 2021 yacht in Antarctica, you can see so Forbes reported it.
The Bank reported that rent the yacht with an average rental price of €800,000 (42.6203 dollars) per week, including one of the Russian participants of Forbes is requesting rent the boat for six months immediately, and Bill Gates are interested in possibility to rent for three weeks.

The project La Datcha Oleg Tinkov devotes approximately 80% of their time. Only 20% remains in the Bank.

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