translated from Spanish: He died military that it was serving sentence in Punta Peuco by violation of human rights

A military retired, sentenced to 6 years in prison for the murder of Nicanor Moyano in November 1973 and that it was serving sentence in Punta Peuco prison, died of terminal cancer product. In a statement, the collective political national force, founded by Attorney Raul Meza, reported that the former official sub of police Jose Luis Guzman, of 73 years, upon hearing the diagnosis of his illness, requested a pardon to the President, Sebastián Piñera However the benefit was denied. The Punta Peuco inmates lawyer said that «with the demise of the sub officer Guzman, already going 9 inmates with terminally convicted causes of DD. HH. during the Government of Sebastian Pinera refused them the presidential pardon». «Perish us morally unacceptable the inhumane and inexcusable laziness that has had the President Sebastián Piñera with those inmates who suffer from chronic diseases and Terminal», added the lawyer. Meza said that it will be «insisting on presidential pardon applications», this despite the fact that «we know that Pinera’s Government does not have the political will to grant them to the inmates at Punta Peuco».

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