translated from Spanish: Judge Marcelo Vásquez on investigation against her: «I’m being annihilated in my image»

The Minister of the Court of appeals of Rancagua, Marcelo Vásquez, insisted that he has not committed any offence before the investigation of the Prosecutor against O’Higgins. Vasquez is investigated by naming her daughter into a post while he was President of the regional court, and reiterated that he has not committed nepotism. The judge described the fact as «a nightmare, is a gruesome scenario. I am being annihilated in my image». And he referred to the controversy generated by a photograph in which he appears along with Senator PS Juan Pablo Letelier, ensuring that «the fact of joining a meeting of camaraderie not can only serve suspected nothing». In an interview with the daily El Mercurio, Vasquez acknowledges that he would not appoint his daughter at a charge, since a resolution that was issued in September of 2018 the «Council of the administrative Corporation, in a special session, said expressly that be applied for office holders or temporary disabilities». As for the image that appears next to Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, Minister Elgueta and other justice officials, Vasquez said that «the fact of joining a meeting of camaraderie not can only serve suspected nothing, even more so when there are many» people who gather. I do not see that the situation is abnormal or having a distinct sense», he said. On the aim of the lunch with Senator Letelier says do not remember. «I do not remember precisely. «I don’t remember the date, I saw the photo, but know what was the reason or not date I specify him». As for his relationship with Emilio Elgueta says having a professional relationship and friendship not. «He has his personal, family life and its diverse social environment, I do not understand in greater way.» To be consulted have ever received any type of deposit of lawyers in cases that failed, he said that in his 31 years of service in the judiciary «I have never received deposits or payments by issuing a decision». It also left in clear not receiving Elgueta pressures or called anyone to fail in some way or to draw up shortlists that benefit certain candidates for notaries. One of the actions that are more reproaches him is entering the Court to remove some belongings, although the Court would have prohibited entry. «That day, in particular, I I parked as always did, in front of the door, having full knowledge that had cameras with my absolutely bare face, and went in a normal way to search my belongings». He points out that beyond the recklessness of the Act. «The situation has been so brutal so daunting, that in two weeks I’ve slept four hours.» Four hours», he said.

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