translated from Spanish: Less than two years listening for the first time his mother thanks to new cochlear implant technology

After two years of living virtually in silence, the small ENO Nicolás Silva Zuñiga noticed for the first time the voice of his mother. The exciting moment was experienced last Friday of April 12, after the activation of an implant cochlear of her left ear by the prominent Otolaryngologist Carlos Stott in the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile.
The head of Otolaryngology service explained that the less than two years today has an electronic device which returns the hearing to patients with severe loss or total and do not benefit from conventional hearing aids, as occurred in this case.
This technology is implemented by means of a surgical procedure in the inner ear, the cochlea and also has an external component that is which was activated after the surgery.
«The parents of Nicholas tried to return hearing your child with hearing aids of last generation without results. «With a severe hearing loss in both ears, it was necessary a cochlear processor that you have coverage at the GES for the treatment of moderate to severe hearing loss in children under 4 years», said the specialist.
With the activation of the implant cochlear left ear the child may learn to speak in the approximate period of 2-3 years and then can be inserted into the system of education as any child.
Latest technology
Cochlear implants are made up of two parts: internal and external. The first is formed by a receptora-estimuladora plate and electrodes that the surgeon inserts in the cochlea, in the interior of the ear by a surgical procedure. The external part is composed mainly by the sound processor, coil, the microphones and the battery system.
«Unlike hearing aids, not amplifies the sound, but it converts it to an electrical signal that is transmitted directly to the inner ear and the auditory nerve, which generates the sensation of hearing. The most shocking is that Nicolas today can identify the presence or absence of sounds and hear the voices of their loved ones,»said Dr Stott.
The small to perceive sounds again used the new cochlear implant Neuro Medical Oticon ZTI. «It is a system with the implant internal smaller market and is ideal for implantation in children, because it uses a traumatic fastening system through two titanium screws.»
In addition, established technology has Neuro 2 sound processor, latest processor designed by Oticon Medical and like the internal part, is the smallest external component of the market»Indian Luciano García, speech and language pathologist of the hearing centres GAES, exclusive distributors of implants auditory Medical Oticon in Chile.

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