translated from Spanish: Macri shall respond to the Justice on the submarine ARA San Juan

«Do you know that the ARA San Juan was 45 months without going to dock dry when doctrinaire and according to the manufacturer’s directions had to go every 18 months?» That’s one of several questions that the federal judge in Caleta Olivia, Marta Yañez, sent to President Mauricio Macri.La judge investigating the causes of the sinking of the submarine did reply to the request of Luis Tagliapietra, one of the complainants in the case and father of Lieutenant Commander Alejandro Damián Tagliapietra, who died as a result of the explosion and subsequent sinking of the vessel. Thus, Macri will be asked about his knowledge of the State of the ARA San Juan and will have to do so in the course of the next week. The judge gave light green at the request of Tagliapietra in virtue that the President also has the role of Commander in Chief of the forces Armadas.que answers of Macri wants to judge
How and by who was notified of the disappearance of the submarine; what explanations did you that person and measures taken in this respect?.
As Commander in Chief of the armed forces, was informed about the status of recruitment of forces and in particular the ARA San Juan? «?
«Explain the measures taken by you during the course of this investigation», also calls for the judge in the interrogation and claim the President that provide more information regarding whether had knowledge that it has given notice to the United Kingdom of the tasks of patrol carried out the ARA San Juan under the agreements of Madrid.
Subject: Watch the special Filo.News ARA SAN Juan, the last voyage

Tagliapietra also requested a testimonial extension for the Defense Minister Oscar Aguad, who had already stated in writing in the case. Last November, after the discovery of the remains of the ARA San Juan in the Argentine sea depths, the judge had expressed about a possible liability of Macri in the naval tragedy: «I believe that it is very remote. I understand that in the chain of responsibility would be very far». ARA SAN JUAN

In the ARA San Juan traveled 43 men and first woman Navy diver

The disappearance of the submarine occurred November 15, 2017, while sailing to the height of the Gulf of San Jorge, 450 km from the coast: had sailed from Ushuaia to the Naval Station of Mar del Plata, November 8. The US company Ocean Infinity vessel sailed 7 September 2018 and was about to cease the search when the finding. Investment for the tasks of search reached 920 million pesos ($25.5 million) had reported to Congress the Secretariat’s budgetary management and Control of the Ministry of defence, Graciela Villata.Botado in Germany in 1983 and incorporated to the Argentine Navy in 1985, the «ARA San Juan» was one of three submarines of the country and its average life repair process had ended in 2014.En this note:

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