translated from Spanish: Morning 60 essential prices care products are released

After the official announcement of the measures that the Government launches to try to curb inflation, starting from this Monday, April 22 will begin to find 60 essential products that are part of new prices Cuidados.Se program tries to 64 articles in total that part of the market basket and that you will find in the supermarkets. To ensure supply, 350 inspectors checked the shelves across the country. >

While this list is released tomorrow, the term so this merchandise is exposed in the corridors of the market extends to Monday 29th, day in which the control will begin. Each of the items will have special signs with the inscription “Care prices”, essential product. Program prices care integer – this includes more than 500 items – will be renewed on May 6. To take into account
This agreement of prices of essential commodities does not include Chinese supermarkets or stores, so it will not be possible to find there the articles in question. The last modification that was made to the programme managed to include wholesalers, and they now seek to make the same with this other kind of shops. On the other hand, “64” drew criticism by professional nutritionists who warn about the lack of fruits and vegetables and the character obesogenic included food, fixing the fats. Finally, since this initiative began with an increase in prices to be maintained for 6 months, this Sunday still achieved those products but cheaper since they remain with the old values.

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