translated from Spanish: New tag of «circularity» seeks to identify recyclable products

A joint effort between the Ministry of the environment and Sofofa is which is preparing a label or seal of «circularity», which would make it possible to identify the degree of recyclability of different products on the market.
«Label will help citizens make decisions on something that every day more people prefer and value, that it is precisely the products and services that take care of the middle atmosphere,» said the leader of the Minister of environment, Carolina Schmidt,
In Chile, the average person produces 1.1 kilos of garbage daily. The country is also that more waste generated at the South American level. In addition to these high levels of waste, 80% of Chileans not recycle regularly.
Greenpiece key to the reduction of waste is the use of the three r’s: reduce – reuse – recycle. The seal created by the Ministry of environment and the Sofofa enhance the third subparagraph.
But the contamination of waste is not only the responsibility of the community. «Today we are in the transition to a new economy, a development system that will allow us to have a healthy planet and a good quality of life.» And that means not only remove products, used and thrown away. «If not then use them, recycle products, and keep them in the circle of life and avoiding going to landfills», said the Minister.
Schmidt was referring to what is a circular economy. This, according to the European Union, power the three R’s through an eco-design, which extends the shelf life of the products.
Seal of circularity would be made to the products on the market mid-year.

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