translated from Spanish: Sell your dog because «they renewed the armchairs»

A family of Norwich, England, put up for sale its breed Jack Russell dog because they renovated the House

What sort of bastard tries to get rid of their dog because they have a new sofa! This, amongst many other reasons are why I fucking hate people. – Jon (@giftedrascal)
April 17, 2019

The publication sparked outrage on social networks around the world. A family of England published on the Internet a photo of your dog with a price. «We sell a Jack Russell dog, we have had it for 6 years, since he was a puppy. Publication is not guilt that we have to let her go»began. 
And then explained the unusual reason: «we have completely renovated our House, our sofas are almost ready and are extremely expensive and leather, and we cannot take the risk of damaging them».
Nigel, who was in charge of writing the publication, he added a description of the personality of the dog: «Loves to go for walks and he is intelligent, but are you excited when you see squirrels, rats or rottweilers». 
They also noted that it would like to that the buyers were one older couple or living without children.

Original source in Spanish

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