translated from Spanish: The «artificial waterfall» which was formed in the building after earthquake that left 6 dead in Philippines

At least five people were killed in the collapse of two buildings holes caused by the earthquake of magnitude 6.3 that struck this Monday (22.04.2019) in the afternoon North of the Philippines, said the authorities.
Three bodies were found in a four-story building that collapsed in the city of Porac, Pampanga province, North of Manila. Two others – that of an elderly woman and her grandson – were discovered in the rubble of another building in the nearby town of Lubao, said the provincial Governor, Lilia Pineda.
«We believe that there are people still trapped in the four-story building,» added Pineda and said that 20 people were rescued and taken to hospital at nightfall. «It is difficult because there is no electricity,» he added.

Records of seismic activity
The epicenter of the quake, occurred at 1710 local time (9.10 GMT) was near the town of Castillejos, Zambales province, about 150 kilometers north of Manila by land and border with Pampanga, where there have been victims.
The geological service of the United States, which recorded seismic activity around the world, downgraded the magnitude of the quake at 6.1, after having initially located in 6.3. The hypocenter of the earthquake was located 40 kilometers deep, according to the same agency.
The Institute of Volcanology and seismology (Philvocs) Philippines also registered the magnitude of the earthquake at 6.1, after having calibrated at first as 5.7. For the moment there has been 52 aftershocks of the tremor of the hundred that foresees Philvolcs, although with less intensity.
Philippines the moderate majority is based on so-called ‘ring of fire Pacific’, an area of high seismic and volcanic activity that is rocked by about 7,000 tremors a year. Earthquakes of magnitude greater than 5 are recorded sporadically in the South of Mindanao, Batanes and the eastern region of Bicol.

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