translated from Spanish: They carry out actions to preserve the Michoacan forests

Morelia, Michoacan.-the Secretariat of public security (SSP), through the environmental unit, continued coordinated actions with the three levels of Government for the care of forests in Michoacan, participating, so far year, 72 operations, which have been recovered more than 597 acres.
With the aim of caring for natural resources of the entity, the 80 members of the environmental police, collaborate in a coordinated manner and in support of responsible and qualified agencies on the matter, for the safeguard and protection of the natural resources of the entity.
So far in the year, has participated actively in work carried out in 17 municipalities in the regions: Central, East, Zacapu and Uruapan, where there are fixed and itinerant, same monitoring filters that have allowed to prevent the Commission of acts in against the flora and fauna of Michoacán.
Alike, in coordination with the State Committee on plant health, in the region of Uruapan operating are conducted at different points to monitor the legal and proper transport of fruit and agricultural products.
In this category, van 482 operating in ten municipalities that comprise the region of Uruapan, failing to implement 29 quarantine measures, mainly in the transit of avocado.
Since its creation in July 2017, the environmental police continues to strengthen protection and surveillance to the Michoacan forests, actions by providing the emergency 911 number to serve permanently any report.

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