translated from Spanish: Alleged BBVA Bancomer messages seek to steal your data

Between 4 and 5 April, users of banking services reported on Twitter that they received a text message allegedly BBVA BANCOMER that are asked to click on a link to verify your identity and resume the operation of your account.
The message has the following text: «BBVA: 5543382327 this message is a notification of preventive suspension of operations of its banking, it is necessary to verify your identity.»».
Users reported that the number of where they come from, the messages are: 8132769367, 81 2628 2126 and 8120349563.
The area of consumption and fraud of BBVA Bancomer confirmation told Animal politician that the Bank does not send text messages with links.
The message is actually a type of fraud called Phishing. This cyber crime seeks to direct the user to a website that pretends to be her bank, to enter passwords, card numbers and other confidential data to then impersonate the user, purchase or withdraw money from the account.
The Bank argued that never requested customer data from the front and back of the credit card via text message or by phone. Therefore, he urged to ignore such messages and call the Bank directly to verify information.
In 2018, the National Commission for the protection and defense of users of Servicios Financieros (Condusef) warned five times of e-mails, text messages and phone calls supposedly from BBVA BANCOMER to steal data.
Other fraud
In may, August and November 2018 the Condusef issued an alert for Vishing, a fraud that impersonates the identity of a bank worker through an automated voice. The reason for the call was the so-called unrecognized charge to BBVA Bancomer cards or request for reimbursement. In all cases they were calling card and key information.
You may 2018 also warned the sending of an email to customers and non-customers of BBVA Bancomer to inform of the so-called blockade of a card and request the unlock via a League that requested financial information from the customer.
In September and may 2018, Condusef recorded messages to confirm a purchase allegedly made with a card of BBVA Bancomer. The message asked to respond with «True» or «False».
To avoid fraud, the Condusef recommends:
Do not reply to messages or emails from suspicious or unknown senders.
Not enter a link sent by email, chat or text message banking passwords.
Avoid providing your financial information.
Call directly at the Bank if you have questions.
Take into account that no bank or VISA or MASTER CARD requested personal data to its customers unless the user first contact the financial institution.
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