translated from Spanish: Corpse found in a bin in Lagunillas, Michoacán

Lagunillas, Michoacán-within a bin with water lay a dead man, who also had several traces of torture; the container was covered with a large rock, and was located in an area of the municipality of Lagunillas.
According to the information obtained in the reportorial work, this happened last Monday night and the container with the body were in a property located a few metres from the 4 + 600 kilometer Lagunillas – mail, at the height of the box rancheria road .
It transpired that there were some locals who discovered the body since they saw the tips of a pair of black boots outside of Lima.
The local police learned of the situation, went to the site and confirmed that’s it was a late, then they cordoned off the area and warned the General State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE).
Then came the homicide unit officers, who in collaboration with the Special Unit on the scene of the crime (UEEC) were the respective inquiries.
The deceased has not been identified, was of average build, brown skin, black hair, apparently had his hands tied, and only wore a red briefs and a pair of black boots. The remains were moved to the facilities of the forensic medical service, where a forensic doctor applied the necropsy of rigor.

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