translated from Spanish: Each year more than 6 000 cases of leukemia occur in Mexico

Mexico.-each year in Mexico are presented 6 thousand 406 new cases of leukemia and 2 thousand 88 in lymphomas, these two being the most pressing hematologic cancers and who occupy the tenth place national in impact between the types of cancer in Mexico, in spite of this the diagnosis for these types of hemato-Oncology cancer is still late and sometimes is done incorrectly, causing ineffectiveness in treatments and incongruities in the evolution of the disease in each patient.  In this regard, Carlos Fernandez of the University of Salamanca, specialist in Clinical Biochemistry in flow cytometry and immunology for the diagnosis of Hematologic Disorders highlighted that: “not only the use becomes more and more necessary and urgent of” improved methods and devices for diagnosis, but the standardization of these processes, in such a way that, from the first study of suspicion the hematologist prescribed to the patients, of whom, in addition to having a diagnosis early and accurate, also count with a system of successful monitoring of their illness, to make relevant adjustments of your treatment”. 

In the framework of the first meeting of experts in flow cytometry, the international specialist clarified that the novelty of the technique by which has been standardized by the Consortium Euroflow flow cytometry is that it allows to analyze from 10 thousand to 10 million of cells, one by one, in a close time 45 minutes, to identify if any of these are malignant. This compared with the technique by microscope which reaches to see up to 500 cells in a sample.  This in turn impacts on the number of samples analyzed in a day. While other techniques allow 15 or 20 samples, today, with this standardised technology, you can reach up to 30 samples per day. 

“In suffering with silent symptoms such as chronic leukemias, they wake up until the disease is advanced, is of great value this type of diagnostic methods, with which you can predict the evolution of disease and to discard the” possibility of a relapse, also in one shorter time,”added the specialist.

Meanwhile Dr. Pedro Arturo Zárate, medical hematologist, Chief of the Clinical Hospital Central southern laboratory of Petroleos Mexicanos and medical coordinator of the area of the Diagnomol laboratory Hematology, adds that, flow cytometry “has shown its” effectiveness in the monitoring of the immune recovery following bone marrow transplantation and in the therapeutic monitoring of patients with hemato-oncological conditions and the stage of minimal disease residual (EMR) “.”

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