translated from Spanish: Easter left good sales in fishmongers

Guamúchil, Sinaloa-fishmongers in the new market of Salvador Alvarado reported a rebound in sales from the beginning of Holy week, with an average of 60 kilos per day to more than 100, they informed their propietarios.Como very favourable was the week for retailers of fish for sale. This is the date most expected by traders and represents a respite to the economy of the tenants because the rest of the year are very few dates. On the tour that made the DEBATE to the fishmongers yesterday afternoon, owners agreed that good earnings were obtained this due to the influx of local and foreign consumers.

In the local dolphin 2, «people were responding well to the tradition. A day sold an average of 60 pounds or more», informed its owner Roberto Molina. The streak also arose in the fish market «El Merito», which while not daily if they had good sales, they exhausted designates the responsible Rosalina Castro Pérez.
«Where was sold to 150 kilos per day was in» Dolphin 1 «,»sale still worsened in Holy week, it is the best time of the year, we breathe,»said Reyes Molina Gamez owner». The fishmongers were prepared a few days before the home is Holy week with enough product to meet the great demand. The most sought after fish were steak, swellfish, snapper, sea bass and tilapia. That are made in the fishing ports of Angostura and Guasave.

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