translated from Spanish: Growing interior design applied to improve namespaces

During the last years, the offices of Interior design have e State offering advice more and more integral to the real estate to improve its offer, based on a deep understanding of customer and market. As a result, houses and apartments not only are adapting to the new aesthetic trends, but also to developing superior experiences of habitability and usability of spaces.
According to Cristian Preece, master’s degree in interior design, this phenomenon is taking increasingly stronger in Chile, to interior design as one specialty within the development of real estate projects, leaving behind the concept of a product standardised, serially.
«Today is such competition which, while more limited specialized you are and more to understand your customer, more will increase your sales rate,» says Interior Designer and designer with 15 years of experience in different companies and real estate projects.
In his view, behind this transformation, is «understand, for example, that families do not have support within the House, which if you cook them now are integrated is not because someone found them entertaining or blockbuster, but responds that they are now the owners of» House those who are in the kitchen and want to share with your family. This is how the real estate are understanding that it has changed the way of living», said Preece.
Adapted to each person and place
This update is also positioning itself in regions. «It is a phenomenon that has happened quickly enough, mainly in the interest of developers improve their offer outside Santiago, and from experts who are able to tune into different types of products and customers,» says Diego Croquevielle, general manager of real estate high peaks, company that has 25 years developing housing in the South.
Preece has adapted to new trends in regions. «Not only are introducing global trends, but understanding the audience in each city.» In the case of a project in Puerto Montt, we know that it is for a person who lives in that city which is gray most of the year, therefore, seeks warmer colors. Perhaps may be the same finishes of a project in Santiago, but in other colors», explains.
«The customer of a second home in Puerto Varas project understand it as someone from Santiago or living in cities near Puerto Varas. If you have your first home with a more traditional and warm style, is willing to go the weekend and enjoy colors more hip», adds.
Once defined the public, working in the liveability of spaces and then the concept design development. «What we do today are the tailored suits, because it is very different to develop a project for seniors, than another for young couples, for families who are forming, or a millennial audience,» says.
It is is also incorporating ideas like having larger at the Inn’s concierge spaces to receive packages, according to decrease use of the cards and massification of online shopping. «The design must be to answer the problems of the people. A good design should not forced to live in a way, they respond to the way of life of the people», he concludes.

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