translated from Spanish: Imitation of giant Idaho Potato is turned into a hotel

Idaho-an imitation of giant Pope became apartment for rent in Idaho after touring the United States for 6 years. According to the Idaho Statesman, now called Big Idaho Potato Hotel, riding in the back of a truck to promote harvest. Once finished with the tour of the giant plant, the Commission was not sure what to do until the small house, Kristie Wolfe, promoter suggested turning it into a rental house. Wolfe had spent 2 years with the Pope on his tour and told the Idaho Statesman that he had always wanted to turn it into a rental. “I had the perfect lot, and someday he would get that Pope and turn it into something great,” he said to the store. On Monday, the Pope was unveiled at a grand opening, according to a publication in Facebook of the Idaho Potato Commission. “For #EarthDay, officially a Pope of Idaho of 6 tonnes has been recycled as Airbnb, is now called Big Idaho Potato Hotel!,” said the post.
The post also included photos of the Potato Hotel, which even has a bath. “If really I just wanted to know how it is to be inside a potato instead of having a Pope inside you, this is a great opportunity to experience it”, said KIVI Boise, Frank Muir, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Idaho Potato Commission.
According to their website for Airbnb, the Pope has air conditioning, heating and a fireplace inside. Listed as a stay on a farm, the Pope of a single bedroom can accommodate two people and has a bed queen size.

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