translated from Spanish: Reappeared Aleuy: Lamar of the Interior describes the Government’s «opaque» and sweeps with identity checks to minors

He reappeared. The Lamar of Michelle Bachelet’s Interior, Mahmud Aleuy was missing. And he returned with everything, since he made an assessment of the 13 months of management of the Government of Sebastian Pinera.
«This has been a fairly opaque government, and it has been a Government that has tried by all means to polarize the political dialogue in the country and that is not good for Chile», commented in his comeback, that was part of the launch of the campaign of Deputy Maya Fernande z, who postulated to lead the Socialist Party.
In this regard, he added that «he has done things relevant despite announcements that are made every week».
Aleuy, which is part of the list of Fernandez, also criticized one of the more controversial this Government has promoted: the identity check children from 14 years. For Lamar, «one does not necessarily get more effectively when it makes more identity checks, and that is the allegation that is being made». In addition, he pointed to that «figures, data, indicate that it will not be effective».
«We did a bill that included the preventive control to people older than 18 years and if one look at the figures, the controls that we did during the year 2017 overtook 2,700,000, more or less. (Por otro lado) controls preventive identity the year 2018, in the Pinera Government, were 4,500,000 (approximately) and persons who became effective judgment in 2017 were 2.7%, and which became effective judgment in the year 2018 were 2.2% » He said, in statements collected by Emol.

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