translated from Spanish: Stephen King spoke about the last chapter of «Game of Thrones»

The euphoria by «Game of Thrones» grows more each day; It is not for less, since it premiered last season of the series on HBO screen, and had millions and millions of viewers around the world. Stephen King was one of them. The legendary writer observed the last chapter entitled «A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms» and was impressed; So let him shown on his Twitter account, where she shared her opinion. 

GoT: As a long – time storyteller, I’m in awe of how perfectly the minds behind this show brought all the major characters together at Winterfell. They made it look easy. Constant Readers, it is not. -Stephen King (@StephenKing)
April 23, 2019

«GoT: as a storyteller since long time ago, I am astonished by the perfect way in which the minds behind this show brought together all the main characters of Winterfell.» They made it seem easy. «Constant readers, it is not», wrote. It is not the first time that the author was manifested in networking by the series, since in 2015 is also expressed at the end of the fifth season.

GAME OF THRONES finale: that was… was… Let me just say it was not what I expected. :-(- Stephen King (@StephenKing)
15 June 2015

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