translated from Spanish: «Thank God died, de la Sota» outburst of Elisa Carrió

The Congresswoman Elisa Carrió is on tour in Santa Fe – where he was yesterday – and Cordoba to support candidates of the Casa Rosada in these provinces, the scene showing complicated for the national Government.  
In Santa Fe, the founder of change had secured «vote – candidate of the provincial ruling – Bonfatti is vote the monkeys», in reference to the band narco who grew up during the last years, while the Socialist Party ruled. 
This time went further and gave the following sentence: «Thank God that De La Sota died». 

The former Governor died on 15 September of the previous year and left perplexed the world of politics, which dismissed it with sadness. The message of Carrió was given within the framework of a proselytizing talk, which he spoke about his role of ‘complaint’. The comments from this week of Deputy joined the twit who published days ago just, where scoffed at the prices in supermarkets and the location of the products. 
In the elections of Santa Fe, the space change, represented by the radical José Corral and macrista Anita Martinez, lies third comfortable, behind socialism and peronism, which goes to internal with Omar Perotti and María Eugenia Bielsa. In Cordoba, meanwhile, Juan Schiaretti heads are towards re-election, while radicalism did not get a candidate and will go with Mario Negri – candidate of Carrio and the Casa Rosada – Ramón Mestre.

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