translated from Spanish: The reaction of Mirtha Legrand when Juan Minujín showed the Green scarf

For a minute, Mirtha Legrand was in favor of the legalization of abortion. This Sunday, the “Mesaza” called for a number of celebrities who support the initiative and several of them were presented with the Green scarf. One of them was Juan Minujín. The actor, known for starring in the first season of “Marginal” and the daily comedy “100 days to fall in love”, took advantage of the time they asked him to show his clothes to show the symbol of the feminist struggle.

Juan Minujín showed the Green scarf given to him by his daughter in the program of Mirtha

“I bring here the handkerchief he gave me my daughter Amanda, East to Mirtha not going to like so much,” said the actor. While the diva – perhaps because of trouble or have not distinguished by clarity what it was – praised the gift: “Beautiful, beautiful which is”. However, minutes later he discerned that it was not an ordinary handkerchief. “Ah, the Green scarf, of course”, said no more to add.   

“Come on Champion”, praised it invited fellow. Jorgelina Aruzzi, who excelled in Underground Strip and who carries out the work “The truth” at Paseo La Plaza, also arose with the handkerchief, but on your wrist. It is not the first time that the actor is shown publicly in favor of the slogan. Let us remember that the awards Martín Fierro also arose with the handkerchief in hand. “Minujin happened the handkerchief to Virginia Innocenti, responsible for reading the loud the slogan of the campaign that will introduce the Bill on May 28.” I have another way of thinking but respect yours”, concluded Mirtha, who on several occasions clarified its stance on the issue. In this note:

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