translated from Spanish: Wanda Nara at the Ivana Icardi charges: “I’m not a witch, always helping the family”

The entry of Ivana Icardi to Grande Fratello VIP, big brother of Italy, stepped up the fight between her and her sister-in-law, Wanda Nara.

Before the accusations of the sister of Mauro Icardi, Wanda arose in Verissimo, an Italian entertainment program, parra respond.” I’m not a witch. We have always helped the family. Ivana came to my house a couple of months ago and we open the doors to her and her boyfriend, who is also a footballer. Ivana is not sincere,”said the woman from Icardi, tearfully.
“If I wanted to find a Mauro could come home and not go to big brother.”

“Mauro is a great man, not only helps the family, but it also helps people who we do not know. He gave her a car to help her. He is speaking evil of his brother, this has no price,”he added.” People who know both of us really know how we are. Life does not end in a transmission. She knows that we are always there after all. If you would like to find a Mauro could come home and not go to big brother. People talk about things of the family at home and not on television. Mauro and I never go on television by this”, concluded Nara, distraught. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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