translated from Spanish: and you like the Cabinet morenoite of Mazatlan, now comes the police Chief

Political crisis in Mazatlan. Cabinet morenoite in the port is head, fragmented. And the worst thing is that there is the possibility that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez imposes a direction and certainty to his administration. It is the problem of giving power to the improvised, who has no political office to lead the destinies of a municipality as important as it is Mazatlan. Two more are » Chapel » and seven officials from Cabinet morenoite have left their posts. Less than two months after the start the current administration, the Manager of Jumapam, Quel Galván, left office. He argued that they did not let it work. His relief was the compadre of the Mayor, Ismael Tiznado, that of seller of sausage (very good by the way) jumped to Jumapam Manager. It is now that the Mayor will take it from that position to put it in another. And just passed the Carnival and culture director, filmmaker Oscar Blancarte, left office. He accused collaborators, protected from the Mayor of not allowed to work. One of the accused, Jose Angel toast (feltonista), was appointed by the Mayor as»culture». That ratified the denunciation of Blancarte. The architect Víctor Sainz left the Director of planning and pressured him because he refused to sign a few permissions to the exesposo of the current partner of the Mayor. That was director of the Legal Department, Luis Antonio Aguilar cast, friend of the Mayor, left office. «Simply do not understand my compadre 4T… the chemist». In the legal address of Jumapam, very secretly, is named the PRI presentations Diego Avila. And change yesterday’s Secretary of security, than in this space gave it out since last January and for various reasons deferred it, Ricardo Olivo left office for a prize of consolation at the Police Academy. Takes its place since yesterday Ramiro Lizárraga, who worked in areas of security in six malovista years. Martha Mendivil, communication Coordinator, points out that he already submitted his resignation, but the Mayor has not accepted it. Mendivil is officially on vacation. If all this is not symptom disorder, anarchy and lack of capacity to govern a municipality such as Mazatlan, then what is?. Made balls. A new fact caused Morena in the State Congress members to show their ignorance. The collegiate court in administrative matters notified Congress the resolution issued by the amparo filed by Lucila Ayala de Moreshi ordering reinstall it as judge of the Court of administrative justice. ‘What to do’, asked the deputies morenistas; It is called so you give up protest, we reinstall it as well. The truth is that they don’t know what to do. For this reason, the President of Congress, Graciela Domínguez, complied with to say that it turnará to the legal department document for review and tell them to the deputies morenistas that follows. The issue is not so simple, most when the now-ex Héctor Samuel Torres Ulloa filed a notice to the Court, requesting a clarification of the ruling that favored the Mrs Ayala de Moreshi. And calls until the clarification is resolved keep things as they were before the sentence. As the case is still it goes a long way. But members of Morena unknown completely legal.

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