translated from Spanish: D’Onofrio proposed Macri a single Stadium with mouth

In the previous party to River held against Palestinian by the Copa Libertadores in Chile, the President of the institution, Rodolfo D’Onofrio gave an interview with the average local channel of Chile in which gave a surprising declaration:
«You said Macri: what if we make the River Stadium and mouth here?» «And I said that no».

D’Onofrio refers to the land located in the vicinity of the Monumental Stadium, which are property of the nation, and which form part of the River for the construction of a new Court. River President said: «I do not know whether or mouth leaders to accept it. I think it will cost more to them than to us because coming from La Boca to this sector, there is an issue of very large membership, and understand it. But the leaders have to have vision.» Despite these statements, none of these modifications can be made without the approval of the Board of Directors of the club or of the partners. D’Onofrio, however, gives priority to the construction of a new stadium across the Monumental changes: «we have a school with 1200 students down from the rostrum, when touch the Gallery What do we do?» don’t we give them class? the University? What do we do with sports? where do we play? «.» Meanwhile, the Secretary general of mouth and possible candidate for President of the club, Christian Gribaudo said: «we do not share Stadium with no equipment. We dismiss any idea of this type. We have to resolve an issue of capacity and that we are doomed».

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