translated from Spanish: Gustavo Valdés: «there is no possibility of breaking change»

The Radical Civic Union (UCR) opened the political front in change and the days pass with answers between the referents of the space. Few hours ago was Federico Storani, who stressed after their meeting with Marcos Peña that NATO «will fall under its own weight». The Governor of the province of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdés, picked up the glove and promptly marked that «there is no possibility of breaking change». In this line was that the provincial leader said his meeting with President Macri: «It was a very friendly meeting where we discussed some of the measures that were taken, and which were announced by the President». 

Focused on economic policies that will seek to bring relief to the Argentines, Valdes said that «the measures evaluated» are important starting from belief that «what we’re doing each one in our provinces, as dropped the possibility of freezing the» rates that was something that people wanted to». «They are measures that even some proposed to us. «There is much to further evaluate, we think that the economy as previously thought before it has changed and it has changed a lot», explained the official. In this sense also says «times have to do with an election, but be reasonable. «Take longer sizes do not allow you to have an evolution with a dynamic economy and a dynamic evolution». Ultimately, the Governor was consulted for the nomination that will accompany Macri in the formula: «We don’t talk about the possibility of formula, but the possibility that our political space again to compete and win elections».
«There is no possibility of breaking change»

In dialogue with Futurock, concerned about the case of Martín Lousteau, who, in the last hours, raised the possibility of consolidating the space of change: «first Lousteau has to demonstrate that he is interested and wants to do it. I in particular have no personal problem with it but I didn’t hear the aspiration to become a candidate to take charge.» «We have to work and have open spaces who want to contribute to the design you need the Argentina to move forward. But we also have to be careful, that we have to discuss, listen, proposing to change the sustained decline since long ago», said Valdes. In this note:

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